Sectarianism: we do it because we love it

I was in an unpaid improv performance group. Before every gig, as a warm up, we’d jump up shouting: We do it because we love it.

I’ve just been knocked back from yet another attempt to get bits of the left to talk to each other. Why, I ask myself and the world at large, why doesn’t the left get it? While we’re so disunited New Labour can keep on keeping on with its attacks on the working class. Why don’t they see it?

And I’m forced to conclude that left goups want unity but only if they can be right all the time. And individuals love the buzz you get from a well-aimed kick to the gonads: “Ha, got you there!”

We do it because we love it. it’s what makes our days bright and our nights bearable. We’re not going to stop. Why am I kidding myself?


The Split of Kylie’s Arse

last weekend the left hit bottom. Five separate ‘unity’ initiatives were on show: five separate and competing voices crying ‘I am the one and only’. There is in addition at least one more – the United Socialist Party – meeting this week.On the website of Socialist Unity Network (supporters of Galloway’s Respect Renewal, but the most open forum for unity partisans) what is the talk of?

You guessed it – Kylie’s arse.

Butt me no butts

of course none of the participants would say that this tiny but shapely butt is more important than the climate chaos that has swept away thousands of lives in Bangladesh, the war in Iraq and at home against civil liberties, the miserable fall-out of the tottering over-extended banking system…no, for they are all agreed capitalism isn’t working; it is once again threatening the future of humanity. They know where their priorities are.

looking into the split

My necessarily partisan take on the ‘Split of Kylie’s Arse’: Galloway and some tame trots split crying bureaucratic manipulation by the SWP. The SWP anti-democratic? Surely not! The SWP retaliated by claiming a ‘witchhunt’, corruption and intimidation; that the split was class-based, with the splitters representing communalism, clientism and business interests. Galloway corrupt? Respect a cross-class alliance? Who would have thought?

As part of its bid to belatedly hoist the red flag, Respect-SWP has discovered abortion rights, gay rights and anti-sexism. They quote a piece from Galloway in the Daily Record, in which he comments with faint praise on said Kylie’s derriere.

Kylie’s Arse a Mousetrap?

This has opened a huge rift. Promising the left’s equivalent of the Mousetrap: this one will run and run. The comments on the report runs into the several hundreds. So reassuring we know our business, our arse from our elbow, as it were.