Girl fight!

I didn’t witness this myself, as I went to a single-sex convent school, but my younger co-ed comrades assure me that a girl fight was a great playgound attraction. And so it is too with our grown-up playgrounds.

I still think fondly of Germaine Greer’s feminist attack on Suzanne Moore’s ‘wobbling cleavage and fuck-me shoes’. And her sisterly assault on ‘coconut’ Monica Ali for daring to write about Asian women in Brick Lane when she is only half Asian and university-educated to boot!

In traditional playground warfare, the lads were aware that it’s not really done to hit girls – however much they’re asking for it. And certain moves – hair-pulling, eyeball scratching, ripping out piercings – are no-go. But girls when they fight are so dirty! Excellent all-round entertainment.

How different from the world of left politics!