Sectarianism: we do it because we love it

I was in an unpaid improv performance group. Before every gig, as a warm up, we’d jump up shouting: We do it because we love it.

I’ve just been knocked back from yet another attempt to get bits of the left to talk to each other. Why, I ask myself and the world at large, why doesn’t the left get it? While we’re so disunited New Labour can keep on keeping on with its attacks on the working class. Why don’t they see it?

And I’m forced to conclude that left goups want unity but only if they can be right all the time. And individuals love the buzz you get from a well-aimed kick to the gonads: “Ha, got you there!”

We do it because we love it. it’s what makes our days bright and our nights bearable. We’re not going to stop. Why am I kidding myself?



  1. Hello!

    Came here via Modernity ( and so far love your writing.

    I run Liberal Conspiracy

    Would you mind getting in touch? (sunnyh-at-liberalconspiracy-dot-org).

  2. see my apology post. I’ll email you

  3. If you’re keen on getting the left talking to each other you should check out

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