Georgeous Arse!

The offending quote from the Georgeous One:

“Take Kylie Minogue. For a singer she’s always been not a bad looker.I voted with the majority for a change when her rear was the year’s champion sight. I even bought my woman Kylie’s range of underwear” 

It has been defended along the lines of, if not ‘political correctness gone mad’, then ‘we are guilty men’ for admiring a nice arse. I don’t think it’s just heterosexual men either. Women, straight, bi, and lesbian, have admired it. Kylie is a gay icon, I wouldn’t be surprised if many gay men also took an interest.

Kylie’s arse doesn’t just grace the pages of ‘Nuts’. It has featured in women’s, gay, and family entertainment magazines. In the world of commodity fetishism and fetish consumerism, it approaches the universal value. When the banking system breaks down, perhaps we should exchange token’s of Kylie’s arse as the universal equivalent.

Let me tear myself away from the vision of billions of Kylie’s arses, to the question of sexism from our mouthpieces.What strikes me – and I’m not the only one – is the embarrassing nafness of the comment. It’s not witty, it’s barely articulate. Yet it wasn’t just tossed off at a pub table. It is a national newspaper column. George, whatever you say about him, knows about presentation: he is the consummate rhetorician.So why would he say that?

I don’t think it displays his contempt for women, or women singers, or Kylie herself, so much as for his audience. Sharp-suited, globe-trotting, silver-tongued George is trying to present himself as ‘one of the lads’, a man of the people, ‘bloke down the pub’. He misjudged it direly, but the point is the attempt. This is what he thinks the man in the street wants to hear. Presumably it is not aimed at his muslim constituents, to whom he presents his tee-total, religiously observant face. He is aiming at a perceived blokeish audience. George is all things to all men.

What he is to women is more complex.


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  1. In my unedited version, I spoke about a collapse of the ‘baking system’ – presumably precipitated by the Northern Rock Cake sinking.
    Imagine if Kylie’s Arse was the only for of sustenance: let them eat arse! It is so very tiny it would need a miracle on the scale of the feeding of the five thousand thousand thousand

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